Tarik KlairFounder, Network & Security

Areas of expertise

  • Network Management
  • Security
  • Business Development
  • Project Management


  • 13 years IT experience
  • Specialised in Server/Network Administration and Security
  • Project management and startup experience
  • Internet entrepreneur and Investor.

With over 13 years of IT experience specialising in Network management and Security, Tarik brings a wealth of knowledge to LOTZ.io from working with many Fortune 5000 companies including IBM and HCL.

Strong network reliability and  security are essential for maintaining credibility and trust within the user of LOTZ platform as well as the marketers who will rely on the data for supporting and validating their promotional activities.

The LOTZ Team

With team members and advisors based around the world, LOTZ is focussed on creating a unique and new format of loyalty for a global audience; one that provides anonymous storage of data and integrity in the way we respect our customers and clients.