Share Your Receipts & Earn Rewards

LOTZ Loyalty and Airdrop Platform

Secured and Verified with Blockchain


What are LOTZ tokens?

Earn, Accumulate, Redeem, Buy & Trade LOTZ Anonymously

Earn – share your shopping receipts and get paid with LOTZ cryptocurrency.

Accumulate – hold LOTZ in our secure digital wallet

Redeem – use  LOTZ for discounts and purchases at online and offline stores

Buy, Sell, Swap – trade  LOTZ on Waves DEX

Built on blockchain for security and validation, LOTZ provides Shoppers and Marketers with a shared platform for earning and redeeming loyalty rewards.

LOTZ holders will have the benefit of being able to accrue and hold their loyalty  indefinitely – by sharing scanned and digital shopping receipts.

As a stored value and use token, what you do with your LOTZ will be your choice – accrue, trade, redeem or gift.

LOTZ for Shoppers

  • Upload receipts, get paid with LOTZ
  • Earn, Trade, Redeem
  • LOTZ tokens never, ever expire
  • Redeem for discounts
  • Receive Airdropped promo tokens
  • Gift to family and friends

LOTZ for Marketers

  • Secured with blockchain
  • Airdrop rewards direct to Shoppers
  • Low cost customer acquisition
  • Access to big data for promos
  • No loyalty liability
  • Smart Tokens sent to targeted wallets

Share your receipts and get paid in LOTZ to your digital wallet


LOTZ listed and tradable on the Waves DEX


Redeem your LOTZ at online stores and offline retailers


Sharing of personal data not required to earn LOTZ

LOTZ Loyalty Platform for

Brands, Retailers, Manufacturers and Shoppers

Once upon a time loyalty was operated exclusively by retailers who issued rewards points, deciding when and how you could redeem them.

If you didn’t redeem your points within a certain time you might have lost them.

Despite limitations Rewards programs globally are extremely popular with 3.2 billion memberships in the US alone.

To be fair to Rewards program managers, operating loyalty programs is expensive, time consuming, and can incur huge financial liabilities on the balance sheets of participating businesses.

We felt this was not a reasonable situation for both retailers and shoppers so we set out to try and create a loyalty platform that would benefit everyone – and could even work side by side with existing loyalty programs.

As a consumer – if I earn loyalty points fair and square, I feel I should be allowed to keep them and use them whenever I want. I also want loyalty that suits my lifestyle – easily rewards me for my shopping and provides me with offers that meet my preferences.

As a business – I think it would be great if I can participate in a loyalty program that allowed me to fully manage and control my promotional costs without creating a massive liability on my financial accounts.


Can make offers through multiple stores and allow LOTZ to be used for discounts or full redemption of product price; Can airdrop LOTZ to new potential customers; Can access data to ensure offers go to the right Shoppers.


Can use LOTZ as an incentive to acquire new customers; Can airdrop LOTZ as a reward for shopping; Can buy/sell/gift to third parties; Can use as bonuses for immediate rewards when consumers shop at online and offline stores.


Can earn, buy, trade and gift LOTZ;  Can use them to score great deals for their favorite products and brands; Can receive instant rewards into their digital wallet; Can easily earn LOTZ; LOTZ tokens never, ever expire!

Our Goal

Sustainable Durable Loyalty

The goal of LOTZ is to deliver a sustainable and durable loyalty rewards model that works for Brands, Retailers and Shoppers.

The LOTZ  project will develop into an advanced loyalty platform that works for both shoppers and marketers.

LOTZ holders will have the benefit of being able to accrue their loyalty  indefinitely; redeem it widely – including cross-border redemption; continue to earn as they shop; and trade it when they choose to do so.

As a store of value as well as a use token, how you manage your LOTZ will be up to you with the benefit being that you have options – accumulate, buy, sell, redeem or gift.


Platform Development Schedule

Q1 2018
Project Begun
Q3 2018
Mobile App Beta Release; Early Adopter token sale; Receipt capture RetailPOS & Ecommerce
Q1 2019
Marketing/Sellers Portal Released; Token Leasing activated; Marketing Airdrops Released
Q2 2018
Wallet Creation; Digital Receipt Capture; Scanned Receipt Capture; Shopper Web Interface
Q4 2018
Marketing Portal Beta; MasterNodes Released
Got a Question?


Will you have a mobile app?

Yes. We will have a mobile app that can scan receipts that you want to share and also keep track of your current earnings.

What other wallets are compatible?

LOTZ can be transferred from your mobile app and stored in the Waves wallet or any exchange wallet where you can trade Waves tokens.

How many LOTZ can I earn sharing receipts?

That depends on the format of your receipts. Digital receipts shared from third party services like Star AllReceipts will earn more than scanned receipts, because they are easier to authenticate. However all authenticated receipts will earn LOTZ. For best quality digital receipts you can expect to earn as much as 5% of the receipt value.

How can I trade my LOTZ?

To trade your LOTZ transfer them to an exchange such as Waves Dex and you can swap for other digital currencies or for cash.

Will my LOTZ expire?

Unlike some forms of loyalty points LOTZ are tradable tokens and they don’t expire….ever.

Is there a bounty program?

Yes there will be a Bounty program where you can earn LOTZ once the tokens are created.

What happens to my LOTZ if I lose my phone?

You can reinstall the mobile app and recover your wallet by re-entering your credentials

What can my online store do with LOTZ?

If you accept LOTZ on your store as a means of partial payment you will attract new customers. Once you make a sale the LOTZ that belonged to your customer will be transferred to you. From there you can accumulate your own balance of LOTZ, trade them, or use them as bonus offer to customers for repeat purchases.

How can I do an airdrop to targeted wallets?

Airdrop of tokens to targeted wallets will be available late in 2018

Where can I redeem LOTZ?

Online stores will have access to our LOTZ platform and will be able to accept LOTZ as partial or full payment for offers on their stores. We are planning plugins and extensions for all major shopping applications such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Opencart. Offline stores with digital receipting software will also be able to participate accepting LOTZ.

Do you have an Affiliate Referral program?

Yes, we will have an affiliate referral program that will enable you to earn LOTZ when a referral downloads our mobile app and activates their wallet.

Does it cost anything to sell my LOTZ?

LOTZ will be able to be traded on any exchange that allows the trading of Waves and Waves tokens. There is normally a small transaction fee set by the exchange, please check with the exchange as to their fees.

Can I exchange my LOTZ for cash?

There are exchanges where you will have options to exchange LOTZ  tokens for other digital assets as well as fiat currencies.


Development Focused Team

  • Graeme McLennan

    Founder and CEO of With over 35 years of...

    Graeme McLennan

    Founder and CEO of With over 35 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, software development, business startup,...

  • Tarik Klair

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    Kunwar Jhamat

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International Expertise

We are continuing to develop our team of advisors specialising in Point of Sale receipt capture, data mining, and international legal compliance.
Additional task specific advisors will be added to our team as we progress with the project development.

The Numbers



trillion in Retail sales globally


trillion US Retail sales 2016


billion enrolments in loyalty programs in the US alone


of loyalty program members are active


of active members rewards points expire prior to redemption


is the average cost to acquire a new customer using Adwords


of members want a mobile app for loyalty


of members want an easy to use loyalty system


of members want relevant promotional offers


of members want easy ways to earn rewards, faster


billion p.a. companies spend on Loyalty programs in US


of company profits can be generated by loyalty